I think ZFS also offers encryption features, but I had already set up my /etc/crypttab for my hard drives to be unlocked and luksOpened on boot. Using ZFS on Linux kernel module, I did:

zpool create -f -m /path/to/mount yourpoolname raidz \
/dev/mapper/luksid1 \
/dev/mapper/luksid2 \

It works since Luks is transparent, meaning it's devices look like a regular disk to ZFS. See this excellent answer for a more in-depth discussion. Then I turned on compression so I do not have to think about compressing any kind of raw data like dd images of other computers.

The end result draws quite some CPU power while copying, but not to the max, so that is fine.


  • Read up on ZFS some more, encryption?
  • Request a scan the on the zpool
  • How to monitor for drive errors
  • What exactly to do when a disk fails